In our business lives, we often have to ‘go through fire’ in the truest sense of the word. Goals are set, plans must be adhered to, innovations need to be implemented. Again and again, we encounter challenging situations and reach our perceived limits, whether as individuals or as a team. In such situations, it can help to attempt something we have always thought beyond the realm of possibility – such as literally walking through fire. This is a team-building activity that teaches us just how powerful mental motivation can be. Overcome your own limits and constraints with the help of your colleagues. Clear your head and find the courage to go through fire. Once you’ve achieved this, nothing can stop you and your team!

Fringe programmes in Austria

Complement your seminar or event with the appropriate activity. Whether sporty, culinary or culturally interested – every area and every city offers the right fridge programme. Surprise your participants and employees with a unique idea.

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If you are looking for a suitable conference hotel as well as a fittingly speaker and much more – one-stop-shopping at our expertise network.

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