Coffee roasting – a team event with taste

Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly roasted coffee? But how does the bean actually get into the coffee cup? On a tour of the coffee roasting plant, your participants will experience the journey from the harvest to the roasting plant and finally to a cup of coffee.

Enjoyment tour of the coffee roasting plant

Some drink it to enjoy, others to wake up. It comes in fruity, nutty, chocolaty, berry and floral flavours. But what is actually behind it? What distinguishes Arabica from Robusta? And how does a barista know when the foam for a cappuccino is perfect? The subject of coffee is entertaining and instructive. After all, the history of coffee goes back to the 9th century. Even if the first coffee houses opened a little later in Europe, in 1554 in what is now Istanbul and in 1615 in Venice, the fascination with coffee is still present today. And the story will continue. Thanks to numerous traditional businesses but also all kinds of new micro-roasting companies that have established themselves in the past.

Take a look behind the scenes of a coffee roastery. On a guided tour you will learn how green coffee is transformed into fragrant coffee aromas. You will experience at first hand the journey of the coffee bean from cultivation to the roasting process and finally to the preparation of a cup of coffee. You can watch the coffee roasting process live, taste it and immerse yourself in the world of coffee flavours.

A tour of a coffee roasting plant is an excellent supporting programme for a staff outing or in combination with a team event in the entire D-A-CH region. We will be happy to assist you in finding and enquiring about a roastery near you.

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